Friday, 7 September 2012

today more than yesterday :)

Can You look at one person for the rest of your life?
Can you care for someone else, More than you do yourself
I Can answer Whoever Asks me
You, You're my love

I will not promise you
If I knew I was going to waver, 
even for a little bit I don't start anything
If I know that the heart can heal itself

I Love You, More Than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me, 
that it hurts to meet you, 
to feel this h appiness,
I must have dealt with a lot of pain

When the days are hard,
 it gets sad as pain causes the tears to come
It will end someday i swear
The only thing that is endless is our love

I don't want to do this ever again
Breaking up with you
Unless it's a break-up to meet you once more
Whenever and forever

Because it feels like my overwhelming heart will explode
Because I think the person before my eyes isn't really you
I run, and embrace the breathing you
I am the idiot, Who lets go of his worries

Its good to meet you even for awhile,
I dont care if you are playing with my heart,
Coz there someone that care enough for me,
I will move on with my life,
You are such a pieces of thrash
That i regret to kept.

Bace dah?Dah tuh Komen lerr sekali!

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